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Posted By Admin on 03/10/19

Dating a total bitch can actually be fun in the short time. Some of the worst girls are the hottest in bed. They know it and they use it to get a guy to stay with them even after all their crazy crap. I’ve fallen for that more than a couple times. I always end up regretting it, but there is a certain adrenaline in the moment. Especially when the pussy is extra pleasing and a girl’s rants can quickly be silenced with a cock in her mouth.

It’s one thing to have a hot fling with a psycho and something else entirely to be stuck with her. When I do finally get married, I want it to be to an Asian woman. The type that takes no crap in business, but is total submission in the marriage and the bedroom.

Until I find my Asian bride though, I’ll be watching loads of porn while I save up to 67% with an Erito discount. I will live the dream vicariously through the XXX scenes.

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